“10 out of 12 things my true love said to me.” – Sabine Adeyinka

10 out of 12 things my true love said to me.

1. Sleep Early
2. Spend time with God
3. One day at a time
4. Praise
5. Simplify your life
6. Take care of your body
7. Speak Kindly
8. Speak Truth
9. Speak Straight

I have written the 9 themes above to refresh your memory and also because this next thing can make or break the 9 preceding themes. It is what is fashionably called the GAME CHANGER.

The 10th thing my true love said to me is DON’T FRET!

When we worry we are more likely to speak hopeless and unkind words to whoever is unfortunate enough to be around at the time. If you are like me then the next thing is what goes into your mouth – endless snacking – and you can forget about exercise. Then you start to complicate your life by thinking about everything that can go wrong or you start an unnecessary job for escapism. You wont have anything to give thanks for because worry blinds your faith. You continue on this dangerous path until you cant take each moment as it comes and enjoy the present, instead you think yourself sick. You can kiss spending time in Gods presence goodbye because that requires stillness and by now you are worse than a bowl of jelly in a whirlwind. Now you just try and sleep early and let me know how that goes, its virtually impossible!

Truth be told when worry comes knocking on the door, scroll down that list above and choose about 3 of the 10 to do consistently until you kick worry out of your life where it belongs.

My personal favourites are:

  • Being still in God’s presence
  • Singing songs of praise
  • Being kind to others.

Others prefer to go out for a run or go to bed.

Whatever you do, REMEMBER:

Worry is like a rocking chair –

gives you lots to do but gets you NOWHERE.

– Sabine