10 Signs You’re Becoming An Old Soul – by Nathan (Reblog)

Signs you are becoming an OLD SOUL…
Agree or Disagree?

1. You complain about kids these days.

By all accounts, this is still categorized as being a “young person.” But that doesn’t stop me from complaining about young people all the time. I do not understand them. I don’t get why teenage kids wait until the last possible second to jump through the doors of the Metro in DC, and then scream excitedly as they have to pry the door open to get their friends into the car. I think skateboarders are obnoxious. If there are a group of teenagers loudly sitting by me in a restaurant, I will move tables.

2. You don’t like haircuts that are “complicated.”

What’s with the colored streaks and the bangs across the eyes?

3. You get hungry at 6 p.m.

Every cool person I know eats dinner at like 9:30 p.m. I don’t know how they do this. Do they have a snack at 5:30? Does their hipness somehow act as an appetite suppressant?

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