10 Things, #Singles must address before #Marriage

Friends, TGIF!

This is a fact- those enrolled in my pre-marital class (on-line & in person workshops) are told one of the workshop’s goals is to disrupt your thoughts and expectations about marriage to ensure there are no ‘plan Bs’ and if we succeed in creating enough doubts such that the couple put things off for a while, that in itself is success. Getting someone to suspend their wedding plans is indicative of some gaps and they are probably better figuring those issues out as singles first.








  1. Marriage isn’t for day-dreamers.
  2. Marriage isn’t for those that wish but unwilling to work hard.
  3. Marriage is for committed and tested individuals.

In this post, there are 10 things highlighted (there are a few more and would love to hear yours).

These 10 items include –

  1. The Past (this is a matter of when)
  2. Family (Background)
  3. Faith (Critical)
  4. Sex (Critical)
  5. Secrets
  6. Expectations
  7. Money (Critical)
  8. Children
  9. Boundaries (include Domestic Violence here)
  10. Struggles

So if you haven’t declared your intentions, walked down the aisle or enrolled in a pre-marital class. Well, these are 10 Things You Need to Talk About.

Better now, than later.
Trust Me.

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