10 Tips For Touching Base.

Friends, TGIF!As an avid ‘collector’ of relevant information (quotes, nuggets etc) might I add. It is expedient to visit one’s archive often to discover priceless jewels. This “10 Tips for touching base” is one for couples.

Promise to practice what you read below, wishing you the very best.

Here are the 10 Tips For Touching Base.


  1. Focus on face time. Email, phone calls and texts can not substitute for true bonding.
  2. Start off with small talk.
  3. Don’t mix business with the pleasure of each other’s company. Set aside a weekly 30-minute period to manage bills and household issues. Sitting down with an agenda may feel a bit like a staff meeting, but staff meetings make healthy businesses. And the fact is, they make healthy marriages and relationships as well.
  4. Progress at a natural pace. Those daily five minutes will feel forced at first. But when you do that at least five days a week, you’ll eventually reach the point where that will feel inadequate.
  5. Relax! This is a no-pressure contact.
  6. Focus on connecting. Ask, “How was your day, baby?” or tell a story abut yours.
  7. If you can’t spontaneously share, it’s fine to prepare.
  8. Be Intentional. It should be understood by both that no matter what, this is that time.
  9. Have a shared signal that it’s chat time.
  10. Go with the flow. when your connection leads to a physical or even spiritual one. If the moment seems right for a hug, kiss or a shared prayer, go right there. – Tips By Dr. Ronn Elmore.