11 for 2011

Dear Friends,

The year 2010 has just gone. Welcome to 2011 and everything that it brings.
2011 – The Year of New Heights.
2011 – L’annee de nouveux sommets.

I am not a fan of New Year Resolutions, they ‘mock’ me especially right about now, the 2nd week of every new year. Why ? This is typically when I have second thoughts and start slipping on set goals. So I decided to get rid of guilt trips, anger and anguish this year by implementing a dynamic, amazing process (LOL) I have called the ’11 for 2011’.

Each day, I will work on improving one of these ideals and on the 11th day of each month, I will perform a brutally honest self assessment/pulse check and prayerfully evaluate/re-adjust or re-align my priorities all in hope that 2011 is indeed the year of New Heights.

"11 for 2011"

  1. Pursue and Accelerate Wisdom
  2. Extend Value (Aggregator)
  3. Explore ‘3’ Generational Mindset Thinking
  4. Equip, Enhance and Empower – (NOW Generation and Beyond)
  5. Lead From Here – ‘Where I am’
  6. Bridge Ignorance
  7. Eliminate Contradictions
  8. Voice Out
  9. Double My Gifts/ Giving
  10. Solve Extremely Complex Problems
  11. Exit Comfort Zone(s)

I encourage you to do the same, join me on the 11th of each month to review your goals, priorities and prayerfully align or re-align accordingly. Do feel free to adapt all or any of the stated goals below. Those of you that have already slipped on your 2011 New Year Resolutions get over the guilt, forgive yourself and move on.

You will attain New Heights in 2011, I see it already…
Blessings & Remain planted at the Riverbank.