12 Ways to Ruin Your Love & Relationship Life

Hello All, it’s a new week!
Let’s make it a great one or since you’ve got a choice– go ahead and make it the worst one ever.

You’ve got some responsibilities you know…especially since you do have a choice.
Well, guess what? Coincidentally, the same logic holds true for your love and relationship life. You can choose to ‘feed’ or ‘starve’ them, it’s your choice.

A month ago, the challenge was initiated in the article titled, ‘SE7EN’ which was guaranteed to change your respective love and relationship life. However, this month, borrowing a concept, a popular tactic used by coaches, mentors, teachers, pastors, leaders etc which focuses on the negative with the intent of accentuating life’s truths (the positive) in hope that the right decision will be made. Let me share an example- have you heard parents tell their children to eat their vegetables or they will never make the basketball team or something like that? Yep, Exactly!

So here are a few ways to ruin your love, relationship life; Go ahead, act them out without regard or caution. Or you could act in the contrary and save yourself and all of us a lot of pain; well like I said earlier it’s your choice. Go ahead and make your move. As always, we’ll love to hear your story.

  1. Point out your Lover’s weaknesses in public.*
  2. Scream at your Lover in public.
  3. Never Admit that you are wrong or Apologize in any dispute.*
  4. Never be grateful for the gifts you get.*
  5. Dominate all conversations.
  6. Talk about yourself exclusively.*
  7. Play phone games – that is don’t return calls so she can see how cool and aloof you are.
  8. Let it be known that you consider affection and romance a chore.
  9. Flirt with everyone but your lover (or date) right in their presence (and it’s not ok in their absence either).
  10. Reveal all secrets publicly.
  11. When things are going very well, start a fight.*
  12. Feel free to say any cruel thing you want to say because you are simply expressing your feelings.*

[Writer’s Note: I have alternated the use of male and female pronoun throughout the list above to avoid the awkwardness of the “he/she” construction, and also to avoid disparaging one gender over the other. be assured, however that all of these ‘essays’ apply to both sexes.]

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Mixed List: list tagged (*) culled from the book, “How to Ruin Your Love Life“: by Ben Stein and the rest compiled by the author (pFlo).

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