13 Things you should know…By PFlo

I am stunned when basic life, relationships and love truths are no longer known or discussed as often as is necessary. In some cases, it is a function of memory lapse which happens to even the best of us. However, we must remind ourselves of these truths often. This short list was culled from my new book on Life, Relationships and Love. Stay tuned for more information.

So this is for those wondering what they should know, or when they should know or how they should even know these truths. It starts with an inquisitive heart, a heart that is no longer satisfied by opinions and assumptions. So here are some critical life, love and relationships insights you should know.

  1. You should know that maturity is the ability to hold on, hold off until the right time.
  2. You should know your worth and value. When you do, protect it.
  3. You should know that what you don’t know will eventually impact and affect you.
  4. You should know that you are precious in God’s sight.
  5. You should know that love, true love requires time and patience.
  6. You should know that a married man or woman can never be your ideal lover.
  7. You should know that temptation isn’t sin until you give in.
  8. You should know that if it is not right, doesn’t smell right it can never be right.
  9. You should know that seeds sown produce harvest(s).
  10. You should know that grace is not a license to sin.
  11. You should know that boundaries exist to protect you.
  12. You should know that proximity could lead to attraction.
  13. You should know that to thyself you must be true.

Let me know which additional truths would or should be on this list based on your journey. Remember Relationships Do Matter.
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