Brain blocks

‘Brain blocks’. def’n: Temporary or permanent mental barriers. Limiting factors or outright distractions. Real invisible deterrents. An unverified story of Jumbo, the excited, exuberant elephant further amplifies the message. Jumbo at an early age was strapped to a metal peg (secured firmly with a 5 meters radius) with ample room to roam, play and explore. […]

It has started…

Friends, I sincerely believe the endemic nature of ‘copy cats’ is a function of unclear purpose. In life, business or any organization, a clear ‘purpose’ is the life source. The absence of purpose is easy to identify or hear. For some it is in the ineffective babbling or mumbled tirade. Purpose therefore is integral to […]

Don’t ask Why ?

Don’t ask why ? Ask what can I do… The Battered Women in the Chicago land area is on our radar this month at The Riverbank. If you know anyone suffering in silence, reach out for help. If you suspect anyone in need, speak up. And don’t forget to pray for the hopeless. Here are […]

Go find some darkness…

Light lit in light is useless. If you have light you should find some darkness. Do you know that illumination’s greatest expression is discovered in darkness. Precious ornaments are displayed beneath darker surfaces to maximize their value. So let your light shine…no one cares how much you know but definitely care how much you love. […]