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There is a lot to say and yes a lot has been said already…but decided to add my opinion as well after I read on CNN, that someone gave 5 middle school kids (watch CNN) typically between the ages of 11 – 13, a 50 Shades of Grey themed puzzle that’s when I knew I could no longer be silent. I wasn’t necessarily surprised by the acclaimed book’s success and it’s continued buzz towards the movie’s release…the more a fantasy is fed and nurtured the more it demands. My opinion: “Don’t indulge your ‘fantasy’ by watching this movie…”

For the record, this post isn’t about debating the pros and cons but rather it is about highlighting some facts to the ‘undecided’ or the silent ones who would rather remain ‘unknown’ or unperturbed by movies and how critical they are in shifting mindsets. I know some could refute my comments based on their self-will and how movies are simply petty amusements to be consumed in moderation. This post is really for those still open minded enough to listen to the dialogue about the potential dangers of a ‘boundary less’ life or relationship. I hope you read this and decide to take a stand even if privately and to at the least become a fierce defender of your heart because the ‘issues of life’ reside inside the heart. In the words of Peter Marshall, If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” So guard your heart and your eyes (your inlet points) and consider the other options listed below as well. 

I have a strong conviction that by taking a position, “The future generations (including our children) will thank us.”

50 Shades Of Grey
50 Shades of Grey, image source: LifeStarValleyBlog


The new movie, Fifty Shades of Grey is more than a romantic, silly Valentine’s day entertainment and I am certain it will significantly alter our cultural landscape further especially as it pertains to ‘SEX’. 

For those that do not even know what “Fifty Shades of Grey” means, here’s a brief summary – The movie titled Fifty Shades of Grey hits theaters in a few days, just in time for Valentine’s Day and while it is being promoted as a romantic story of a rich handsome man who charms a young innocent lady with lavish gifts and bold declarations of desire.” SOURCE  It is actually more about a sexually explicit relationship between a college student and a businessman filled with fantasies, bondage sex, dominance, submissive sex and much more. In fact, according to Washington Post, the novel was a massive hit with an estimated 100 million readers — mostly women“.

According to CNN: there are two common themes of sadomasochism and bondage in the movie/book –CNN

When it comes to this movie, there are three positions/camps:

  • The “No Harm- so do nothing”: It’s entertainment don’t get riled up and you should only watch the movie if you want and have fun.
  • The “Harmful – Do Something (Don’t watch, Support Charities etc)”: This position is more articulate about the dangers of sexual deviancy, pornography, addiction etc and has begun series of actions to sensitized people to the prevailing dangers to the society.
  • Finally, The Undecided: Uncertain, perhaps even unaware that such a movie exists and probably do not care for it.

50 ShadesThis unrelenting movement designed to poison souls, damage innocent souls and destroy every thing good especially sex isn’t simply entertainment. It’s time to WAKE UP!

“Hollywood is advertising the Fifty Shades story as an erotic love affair, but it is really about sexual abuse and violence against women,” said Dawn Hawkins, executive director of National Center on Sexual Exploitation. “Read More here” Eventually, it will spill across the globe…we’ve seen this before.

Leilani Haywood’s post (in the Charisma Magazine) on Fifty Shades of Grey is probably the position that best captures my sentiment about the movie. So let me just be upfront here…”I am not interested in watching a movie that glorifies sexual violence towards women period and will tell my readers, subscribers and anyone who cares to listen that this movie does more harm than good. Isn’t it so ironical that our society’s desire to reduce domestic violence publicly is met with another blockbuster movie (slant) that glorifies bondage, perverted sex and violence. What a contradiction! 

Click here to watch the popular Anti-domestic violence Ad from the Superbowl

Heads up: If you have kids, get ready to talk about this movie at some point considering Target and other stores now have toys e.g. teddy bears with handcuffs available for purchase, more here: marketing opportunities and demands.

What can you do? 

National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) has launched an aggressive national campaign against the controversial film, Fifty Shades of Grey. NCSE’s new webpage, highlights 50-plus ways that Fifty Shades harms and provides various actions that the public can take, including signing a boycott petition and joining the #50DollarsNot50Shades campaign, which calls on patrons to forgo the film and donate to women’s shelters instead. More here:

Forest Benedict’s article on addiction, pornography is important here, here’s an excerpt – “A study published in the Journal of Women’s Health in 2013 examined themes in Fifty Shades of Grey, with the help of abuse and sexual practice experts. The results revealed that the book has extensive instances of emotional abuse, sexual violence, and reactions by the victim that are typical of abused women. The conclusion of the study was this:

  1. “Our analysis identified patterns in Fifty Shades that reflect pervasive intimate partner violence—one of the biggest problems of our time.
  2. Further, our analysis adds to a growing body of literature noting dangerous violence standards being perpetuated in popular culture.”

I cannot in good conscience support any establishment that spreads messages such as this through the showing of Fifty Shades of Grey or movies like it. Pervasive pornography already has a stranglehold on our society and I believe this movie perpetuates messages that hurt all of us, especially the most vulnerable, our children.” 

Forest shared 7 things you should consider doing:

  1. Let your money talk
  2. Write about it
  3. Invest in the Good (Alternative)
  4. Share this article with others
  5. Join The Movement
  6. Persist
  7. Believe

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