7 out of 12 things my true love said to me” – Sabine Adeyinka (RDM Featured Contributor)

What happens if you sleep early, wake up refreshed, spend time with God and take one day at a time? What would happen if in addition to that, you are constantly thankful, refuse to go to bed with an unforgiving heart and treat your body like the temple that it is? I think this may be the story of those around you:

‘Growing up, I didn’t understand how drastically different my home was from others. I noticed that other moms snapped at their children in frustration frequently. But I didn’t realize that those moms were the norm and mine was the exception.’

The 7th thing my true love said to me was: SPEAK KINDLY

If you are like me, then speaking kindly does not come naturally. We live in a world where friends are more comfortable when they are teasing or insulting each other, albeit jokingly.
Speaking kindly is corny and cheesy, apparently, but it is also God’s way.

It is easier to do acts of kindness than to speak them but words are the weightier showcases of love.
Many parents pay school fees and buy all sorts of things for their children, but it is not so common to find a sweet speaking parent.

When we use harsh words or raised voices, we stir up painful emotions in others.
Speaking kindly comes naturally from a rested, clean and thankful heart and mind.

And remember – If something won’t change with kind words, it won’t change.


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