8 and 9 out of 12 things my true love said to me by Sabine Adeyinka (RDM Contributor)

The story continues, here’s Sabine’s combo post highlighting #8 and #9 out of 12 things, my true love said to me. Enjoy!

So recently I hit the big 4-0. I loved it and so I started googling (yes it is officially a verb) living after 40. All sorts of things came up like exercise, omega-3, and alternative medicines – all promising another 40 years.

However, when I went to the book of all books. The book that guarantees an answer, the Holy Bible, I came across something interesting. Scratch that, it wasn’t just interesting, it was downright life changing.

Psalm 34 verse 12-14

"Whoever of you loves life
 and desires to see many good days, keep your tongue from evil
and your lips from telling lies. Turn from evil and do good;
seek peace and pursue it."

The next thing my true love said to me is two fold – If you want to live long and live well,

Speak Truth

Speak Straight


Try to envision things as they really are before you speak. God is present, he can hear you. If you live with that in your mind, you wont say half the things you do.

What we say: I can’t stand the way she behaves.

Truth: I am committed to loving her.

What we say: I am just so lazy.

Truth: I trust God to strengthen me to do this work.


Learning to speak straight is similar but it is necessary to differentiate because it is very subtle. It rears its head in gossip masked as ‘caring for the other party’.Other times, it appears under sarcasm and humour but its your way of manipulating a situation or sending your hard hitting message across. Basically, stop playing games.

If your defense is that YOU WANT TO SPEAK YOUR MIND,

God’s answer is CHANGE YOUR MIND.

– Sabine Adeyinka is a UK based wife, mother and ‘funny bone’.