A Generational Call: A Tease.

Friends, Here is a tease.

Our relationships within and without matter. The endemic nature of ‘copy cats’ is a function of unclear purpose in our relationships in the family unit, in the societies, our nations, our businesses and organizations. The absence of purpose is easy to identify.

In certain instances, it’s visible in the organization’s ineffective babbling or mumbled tirade. In others, it’s simply a knack for maintaining the status quo.

Purpose is integral to life. Without it, people live as shadows or echos and sadly die ‘full’. Yes, die FULL of the gifts, abilities, capabilities and endowments that were innate from genesis. There is more to the accumulation of wealth, there is more to the pursuit of praise of men, there is more to life believe me there is and there must be. A purposeful entity is a sight to behold, a dynamic, marvelous and effective power house. When seen in operation, it is authentic, relevant and useful.

Charity starts at ‘home’ –

As a pastor and a servant leader, I must start within…"The Church especially in the Diaspora" must do more than replicate it’s roots…she is a Hybrid, a rare breed. The Church in Diaspora must integrate, interact and empower her people to articulate the limitless power of God, the ever relevant gospel of Christ as well as engaging in community and city restoration whilst retaining her relevance to her roots. That is a noble assignment…and we can and must fulfil this mission.

You and I are on the precipice of a divine global movement. It is a restlessness of the soul. It can’t be satisfied with the mundane. It is the call of purpose…It is the call of a generation…It is a call from the deep. So you must get ready to listen like Samuel…(stay tuned).

Love and Appreciate you,