A Glimpse of Heaven By IBK Ogunsina

Sometimes, you get a chance to taste the goodness of God in human beings. You see evidence of the loving hands of The Lord Almighty. It is possible to catch a glimpse of Heaven, here on earth.

Personally, I don’t like interviews. I never have. They have a way of making me nervous.

But there are times when I have no other option.

On this particular day, I sat down in the beautiful reception of an embassy. I had to renew my visa.

There were many people being interviewed. I could hear some of the numerous questions being asked by the embassy staff. Some were quite personal. Some questions were … blunt and embarrassing. Questions like “Why are you going?”, “What do you need the visa for?” and “Are you sure you will come back?”were flung at the applicants seeking visas.

I continued to listen as I waited for my number to be called.

A few minutes after a member of staff declined someone’s visa application, the mood in the room changed. Some people became apprehensive.

I made my way to the ladies’ and said a few words of prayer. I asked The Lord to show me His Favor.

When I got back to my seat, my number was called. Shortly after, I was standing before a smiling member of staff. This was how the interview went:

Staff Member: Wow … so you have four kids …

Me: Yeah … I do.

Staff Member: I have 4 too. 3 girls and the last one is a boy.

Me (smiling): So do I.

Staff Member: Wow … make sure your boy does not get spoiled.

Me: Thank you.

Staff Member (looking surprised): You have a degree?

Me: Yes, ma’am. I have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

Staff Member: You also have a Master’s Degree!

Me: Yes Ma … in Information Technology

Staff Member: Hmmmnnn, wow! Your visa has been granted.

Me: Thanks a lot, Ma.

That was it.

I saw the windows of Heaven open slightly and after the prayers I offered, I caught a glimpse of Heaven through favor.

By Ibukunolu Ogunsina

RDM Contributor