A Joke – Anon

A church was trying to raise some money.
They decided to sell some bibles.

Among the volunteers was a brother who is an investment banker with an MBA, a brother who is a car salesman and another gentleman, no much education and is a stammerer.

When they returned to church to render accounts the following week, the banker had sold 10 bibles, the salesman had sold 15 and to everyone’s surprise, the speech-challenged brother had sold 100 bibles.

"How did you do it, brother?" Asked the Pastor.

The brother replied:
"I I ju..jus…just ‘knock’ at the-the-the- the door.
I I sssay say, "Would you you liike to to buy a bible?
Or or would y. yo..yooou you like me me to to read it to you?"

Thank God, It’s Tuesday!
Let’s make this week amazing.