A ‘PLS’ Swag

One of the first visible enemies of Relationships in 2012 from my observations and interactions is Fear. Everyone is afraid…Fear Not! Fear steals, kills and destroys everything in it’s path. If given residency albeit temporary, it assumes citizenship. Fear devours Dreams, Hopes, Expectations, Joy and much more. Fear must be addressed quickly, promptly and effectively.

So today, guard against fear first withIN then withOUT. How ?
Recall what you’ve been given and use it judiciously.

You forgot ? Ok, let me remind you again… from 2Tim 1:7

  • You have POWER (the courage and competence to act and get things done)
  • You have LOVE (the relational ingredient that can not be toppled)
  • You have a SOUND MIND (the insight, perspective, wisdom – to be, do and much more)

So believe it and embrace who and what you are and override that ‘alien’ called fear.

Walk with a PLS swag!