“Be careful who you love” By Kelechi Vera Okeahialam (Guest Post)

Here is a story written in 2008, when a dear friend I knew died from AIDS after being infected by her husband.

The Short Story — Based on a real life story…She lay dying in the white, sterile room… colourless save for the mint green divider, forming a shield between her and the other unfortunate soul. It should have been a beautiful day; the warmth of the blazing Lagos sun devoured everything underneath its rays. Yet; she shivered; as she felt the cold fingers of death begin its dance upon her soul…

“I don’t want to be here” she thought, choking with painful unshed tears. “I have two of the most beautiful children in the world who need me now more than ever… I have dreams unfolding and yet to be unleashed to the world. God, I had a life! Where did I go wrong? Why did my love story become my death sentence?”
She trusted him… She gave herself to him, her dreams, her hopes. She honoured him with the gift of her body; she made love to him with sheer abandon. She was his paramour, his queen, his girlfriend on the side, his wife. She poured the essence of her soul into their love; dancing with ecstasy in their love dance.
She blossomed under his love; his strong arms were her hiding place, wrapped around her in their love dance; She sang in exultation under his tender tutelage. But look! In comfort of her safe house, her boudoir de l’amour, death came with love. With every kiss, with every passionate stroke, her protector became her murderer…
He died 3 months ago… her husband, her murderer but not before sentencing her to death.. When he made love to them, did he think of her? Of their children? Did he remember her dreams? His promise to protect and cherish her? Surely he should have remembered that with love comes responsibility and the ability to create stability.
“My children, oh my children” she cries silently… would that I would be there your first day in college, your first crush, your first kiss”. A silent scream curls from her throat. “Feel my pain! Feed from it and learn! Love! Yes Love with abandon! But be careful who you love….Lest your lover also becomes your murderer…
– Kelechi
Conclusion ?
This story was posted in response to an S-O-S email that was posted on the Relationships Do Matter group page. A young marital home in crisis, riddled with excessive infidelity, broken promises, frail nerves and disillusionment. I sincerely believe the best is yet to come with sound, insightful and biblical counselling. So do pray for this couple.
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