FLO FALAYI, Ph.D.(c) is a preacher, blogger, teacher and author. He is a devoted husband and father of 3 boys. His passion for reviving the next generation is contagious and speaks at conferences, seminars and events nationally to revive, instruct and empower all to live their best lives in Christ.

Flo is the founder of Flo Falayi Ministries (http://www.flofalayi.org), Relationships Do Matter (RDM), a ministry dedicated to All types of Relationship Matters for Singles and Married (www.relationshipsdomatter.com) and a Leadership Development Organization focused on raising today’s and next generation leaders called Hybrid Leaders Inc. (http://www.hybridleaders.org)

Flo is a hybrid – American-born, British-trained and Nigerian-raised leadership, life and relationship coach, social entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He was inducted into the prestigious Edward Bouchet Honor Society at Yale University in 2014.