Alone in the City 4 | Relationships Do Matter

Alone in the City 4 | Relationships Do Matter

When the rubber meets the road, what do you do? This is a recent issue that was brought to my attention for counsel/advice. This issue of social drinking and oftentimes heavy drinking of alcoholic beverages of various kinds amongst ‘saints’ has become a new craze and trend it seems. Is this worrisome? Frightening? I think it demands our attention.

What should this single, mature lady do?

  1. Should she wait until he proposes before bringing up her concerns?
  2. Should she wait till after the wedding?
  3. Should she keep quiet and continue to manage the situation?
  4. Should she make her move ‘now’ and demand/assist her boyfriend in getting help ?

Here’s the Issue:

After some months of long distance dating and with everything going so smoothly and all, the couple decided it’s time to take their relationship to the next level and move closer to each other (thereby eliminating the distance) and affording them the opportunity to spend more time getting ready for a life of bliss (marriage) together. Things fell into place when the girlfriend finally got a job closer to her boyfriend’s city of abode. By relocating, she is much closer to boyfriend (same city not same dwelling) and less than a week after relocating she discovers her Christian boyfriend’s well conceived secret, she discovers her boyfriend is a classic drunk (someone who drinks socially but on occasion gets ‘wasted’ – drunk, incoherent and out of control.

So “What” should this single, mature and ready (38 years old) lady do?

Alone in the City 4

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