Anthony Weiner’s sexual behavior may have underlying issues. (Reblog)

Here’s an excerpt from the article on the recent admissions of inappropriate online behaviours by Anthony Weiner, the NY Mayoral Candidate.

"…Berlin and others said that in the past five to six years, they have seen a significant increase in the number of patients with problematic sexual behavior related to the Internet, including inappropriate chatting, accessing inappropriate images and engaging in virtual relationships.

In addition to making it easier for people to say and do things they might not otherwise, the Internet has become a delivery system through which someone can get access to an unlimited number of partners and sexual fantasies, said Michael Radkowsky, a District psychologist who treats couples and individuals with sexual issues. The human brain is wired to look for sex and sexual partners, he said."

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PS: Fred Berlin is the director of the Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital, said many of his patients exhibit behavior similar to Weiner’s, although he and other experts cautioned that they could not speak to the former congressman’s specific situation.

Remember, Relationships Do Matter,

Source: Washington Post.