3 Ways to Move on From A Past Relationship That Hurt

 Are you going through hell ? Here are 3 ways to manage a heartbreak.

If you are going through a heartbreak (relationship, financial, career, business etc) and all you can see is the gloom and doom, Keep Going. The darkness and pain will eventually recede and light (joy, peace) will return. Your temporary phase of sorrow will pass and will become a source of inspiration for you as well as others…mark my words.

Without a doubt, heartaches are tough but honestly when it’s over, IT IS NECESSARY TO LET IT END. Learn to decipher when a relationship is over and also learn how to move on such that you position yourself to embrace the unlimited potential that the future holds. I do admit, it sounds easy but it is indeed easier said than done. Very difficult.

I want to share three insights on how to move forward from a hurt or a heart break.

Insights on how to pick up your broken hearts…about managing pain on levels you never knew existed. About redeeming significant lost time, resources, opportunities and relationship(s).

Real and complete healing/restoration occurs on 3 levels — Spirit, Soul and Body.

Here are three things to do when you are going through a heartbreak or significant loss:

#1: Don’t give up

First of, do not quit on life!

Do not throw in the towel.

Do not translate your experience into a destination.

Refuse to be defined by an event or a set back. Have a disposition that this loss will not define your life.

Remind yourself you will get over it…(him or her)

Remind yourself that your future will be greater than your present

Believe that light will shine again on you and in your heart.

#2: Get it Out

It is absolutely critical to get the pain.

While I know that this is a gradual process and takes time depending on the circumstance and severity of the hurt or pain.

Find an outlet…

For some it’s going to require some crying, screaming, time alone or counseling.

But I have also discovered one vital step that works in tandem with this step is to consciously choose to Forgive yourself as well.

This is the process where you shed off the past from within the soul…you will have to look at yourself and as you recall events consciously forgive yourself because we often forgive others and forget ourselves in the prison of self loathe and pity.

So, Forgive Yourself!

#3: Pour Into Others

I can’t fully explain how this works but I know it works. After you’ve forgiven yourself, find someone to cheer on or encourage on your life’s journey. There’s something therapeutic about helping others heal that invariably heals your own soul.

The story of Ruth, a married, woman who lost her soul mate, love of her life, and best friend after 10 years of marriage encapsulates this principle further. Despite her loss she chose to stay with her Mother in Law who was also dealing with the loss of her sons.

By choosing to pour into someone else, she set herself up to be healed invariably and restored.

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God bless you