August: A New Month

Hello RDM Family:

Welcome to another ‘new’ month- I pray and hope that this one is much better than the last one and may the reward of consistency and steadfastness from previous months be realized indeed.

Fear Not!
Worry Not!

Be hopeFUL
Be prayFUL
Be thankFUL
Be thoughtFUL
Be merciFUL

Finally, this month, I want to encourage you to go back to ‘writing’, ‘elaborating’ ’embracing’ the vision.

Make it ‘concise’, ‘clear’, ‘plain’ so that it leads to ‘action’ and ‘change’. Protect what you have written, guard your interactions, live in obedience, stay submitted to God, continue to nurture and pray over it (them) and I am certain the results will be evident indeed in Jesus name, Amen. This is your season, your month, your year…The year of Great Grace. May Grace attend all your ways this month.

Lead Pastor, The Riverbank Church, Chicago
Founder, Relationships Do Matter