Be ‘Eternity’ minded

And just like that the party’s over.Our special day to gloat, reign etc is gone and just like that Father’s Day is gone.

Sad! (LOL)
So its back to the grind then…teaching, mentoring, setting examples, sharing lessons and much more.
So when it comes to life, family, children, parenting and relationships we must focus on the long run. Indeed, we must "Be ‘Eternity’ Minded."

So here’s a question to help you today culled from Max Lucado’s book, ‘The Applause of Heaven’:
A thousand or a few hundred years from now, will it matter what title, accolade, recognition the world gave you? No, but it will make a literal hell of a difference whose child you are.

Literally…Remember, Relationships Do Matter.

Image: Google.