Brain blocks

‘Brain blocks’.

  1. Temporary or permanent mental barriers.
  2. Limiting factors or outright distractions.
  3. Real invisible deterrents.

An unverified story of Jumbo, the excited, exuberant elephant further amplifies the message. Jumbo at an early age was strapped to a metal peg (secured firmly with a 5 meters radius) with ample room to roam, play and explore. As he grew he fought his anchor, each day, every night without fail. As he grew older, legend says he grew wiser and more accepting. In time, Jumbo was conditioned, the huge animal with untold strength but greatly limited.

Sadly, Jumbo never ventures outside the circumference of comfort. Be careful with those pointed fingers…they accuse you.
There are many of us, who dream and think BIG and suddenly get yanked to reality…that invisible rope ? I think so.

  • Many dream of living victoriously in Christ, but harsh daily realities tug at the core of their souls.
  • Those with aspirations of financial freedom barely start before the invisible poverty stricken mindset screams.
  • Those who venture to ‘new grounds’ of living in good health (Divine healing in Christ – Isaiah 53) suddenly develop a system overload.
  • How about the singles who conclude the ‘playa – dayz’ are over only to find the ‘temptations’ tugs further.
  • Or the spouses who decide to breathe new life to stale relationships and old conflicts resume.
  • Or you finally decide to volunteer and your ‘open’ calendar is suddenly unavailable.

JUMBO, each time the chain tugs, you have a choice – accept what is or break free in Jesus Name, Amen. This is what God said in His holy word (Isaiah 54:2)
"Clear lots of ground for your tents! Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big! Use plenty of rope, drive the tent pegs deep.

Let’s obey Him and break free…
Start getting ready for a new month.