Career over Romance

Changing times? The next generation is gradually making a choice and they are not certain it is actually what they want. Many by ‘choice’ are faced with the choice of picking ‘Career over Romance’. A classic dilemma, a growing issue. It’s an interesting challenge, let’s confront it boldly.

Excerpt from the article: "…But I don’t want to be that guy who blinks and is suddenly 50 and lives alone and has a cat…" Goffnett said.

Raised to be goal oriented, conspicuously busy and accustomed to instant gratification, some in the millennial generation are trading traditional dating for career advancement.

They’re not necessarily sure they’re doing the right thing. They just don’t know what else would be more … productive, their love language — a vocabulary more boardroom than bedroom: maximizing benefits, minimizing compromise, establishing efficiencies and building value.

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