Casual Sex? Why Sex on the first date is Bad 1

Sex on the 1st Date?
Nothing piques our curiosity/interest like S-E-X. It’s typical and I understand that. I stumbled upon this short video earlier today (via Twitter) and wondered aloud what some of you might think.

No doubt- There is a clear scriptural position on pre-marital sex. Yet we know many are not heeding that injunction and perhaps what’s surprisingly is how some are now justifying such position because of the desire to stay relevant in today’s culture. What’s frightening is the silence on this matter.

So…I found this video post interesting, in that some relationships experts/matchmakers including Paul C. Brunson, Peggy Wolman, Jasbina Ahluwalia, Michelle Jacoby, and Marla Martenson are proponents of not jumping right into bed after a first date. Why don’t you listen (watch) the video below.

Read/Watch the video-

Watch out for Part 2 which highlights additional rationale behind the ‘no sex’ before marriage position.

Remember, Relationships Really Do Matter!