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When To Say No

  Most of us are programmed culturally or otherwise with the knack to please, the desire to satisfy and meet every demand often to our own detriment. When this desire is expressed without restraint it becomes a disease with dangerous repercussions. Before long, it robs and limits our best work due to crammed schedules, tasks and… Read More When To Say No

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So, what are we doing?

Hello all,  it’s important for everyone to get very comfortable asking this particular question to avoid getting played, or toyed with emotionally.  The ideal position is one that doesn’t  #assume anything in a relationship. I often say that until intentions are declared (revealed), there is no relationship but a simple #jolly ride. Discover more in… Read More So, what are we doing?

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[New Post] How to Make Love With Your Clothes On

Can we be honest? Everyone’s looking for a perfect relationship yet no one is willing to work hard for it. A vibrant loving relationship is indeed challenging mentally and physically but the feedback from those who put in the hard work and pay the price is encouraging, because they all confirmed the great success that follows… Read More [New Post] How to Make Love With Your Clothes On

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[Reblog] The Difference Between Men and Women #Classic #Awesome

Hello All: Happy New Week! Here’s an interesting post on the difference(s) between the sexes (male and female). The difference(s) is often subtle but if left unchecked, can gradually become extremely complicated and challenging in relationships. Isn’t this true though? In Relationships, it is better to ‘ASK’ rather than ‘ASSUME’. #RelationshipMatters #Dating… Click To Tweet… Read More [Reblog] The Difference Between Men and Women #Classic #Awesome