Don’t ignite the old flames. #AffairProof Series

Here’s the question … “Should or Can I be friends with my OLD FLAME (single, married, divorced, widowed) on social media”? My first answer is ask your spouse or fiancée. My second is NO….even if I don’t have all the facts about the specifics, context and background. My third, even when I have more information […]


A compilation of reasons from the ‘conversation’ on the Relationships Do Matter (RDM) Chat Room. Let us know what you think? Background & Experience: Many folks come from dysfunctional backgrounds, for example, Father or Dad had a few girlfriends and/or a few wives and never considered the issue of faithfulness or accountability as important. Dark […]


On 12:12:12, do these – Subscribe/Sign up for the Relationships Do Matter Newsletter (January 2013) Like the Relationships Do Matter Page on Facebook. Follow @relationshipsdm on Twitter Subscribe to the RelationshipMattersTV on YouTube Join the Relationships Do Matter Community on Google+ Download the Relationships Do Matter App on itunes or Google Play Subscribe to RelationshipMatters […]

Marriage = Hard Work; So Roll Up Your Sleeves.

It has been an interesting week and just before the weekend kicks off I wanted to stir the pot. For many who so desperately long for marriage, let me break the news to you as gently as possible. Marriage requires a lot of hard work. It’s indeed a ‘what you put into it, is what […]

“An Open Letter”

Dear “S”, It’s starting to feel like Spring. I hope and trust this meets you well. This is a follow up to our conversation about your journey, yep that ‘relationship’ journey filled with its numerous challenges and fun. LOL! I understand the expectations, the dos and don’ts’. Does it get easier, you ask? Well, I know how […]

The Difference

Is this possible we might have found  the missing relationship misnomer ? Is it possible the men and women are looking at each other incorrectly ? Is it possible that we’ve got our peculiarities and differences tangled up ?  You don’t say! Or is it possible men are just so confused by what they think […]