Checklist: 11 things a wife expects from her husband.

Eleven Things…

Hey you…love struck-ready to pop the question dude. Think you are ready ? Not sure yet, OK no worries.
There are some things that are just basic, alright not basic but these are ‘must-knows’ and it’s probably better you hear, prepare for it before you get into marriage. So before you claim someone flipped the script, changed, stopped being fun and are now cramping your style. Here are 11 salient expectations in marriage especially from your future wife.

So don’t hide behind your ignorance. Come out and see for yourself.
So what do you think? Agree or Disagree? It’s reasonable right? Now go ahead and propose.

  1. She wants you to listen when she talks.
  2. She wants you to value her opinions.
  3. She wants you to appreciate her publicly and often.
  4. She wants you to tell her the truth.
  5. She wants to be the ‘only’ one.
  6. She wants you to spend enough time with her.
  7. She doesn’t want you trivializing her weaknesses.
  8. She wants you to show you care about her.
  9. She doesn’t want you shouting, screaming and hitting her.
  10. She doesn’t want you to compare her to other people in your life, especially your past.
  11. She doesn’t want you to take her for granted.

Don’t forget Relationships Do Matter

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    you forgot she wants and needs you to PROVIDE!