Command your day, Gain Control over your life.

Each day, the onus is on each one of us to direct our lives, out attitudes, our focus, our expectations.

One proven method is to speak life affirming words so don’t wait for someone else to pick you up.

Don’t wait for someone else to validate or confirm you.

You should pick yourself up.

You should validate yourself.

You should confirm you.

You should encourage yourself.

You should speak up for yourself.

And you should do this daily.

Why? You ask.

Why Not?

Simply because you can and by the way, a good word keeps defeat, sickness, stress, fear, distress, sorrow at bay.

So say an unlimited prayer (affirmation/declaration) for yourself today (right now).

Declare that "I will exceed all expectations (parental, siblings, friends, society, culture and much more)". #affirmations

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