Crabs & Lobsters

Honestly, whilst I find sea food especially done right to be one of my favorite. I’ll be honest – I find edible crustaceans to be somewhat overrated and high maintenance. However, I stumbled upon a simple story, a great story that provides a life lesson that I have found to be very helpful in life.

That lesson:
Be Sincere.
Be Honest.
Be True!

It’s OK to be real, it’s OK to fall, it’s OK not to be loved by all (honestly no one gets that special distinction so rebound quickly and nicely). It’s OK to cry, it’s OK to laugh, it’s OK to ask, it’s OK not to know everything, it’s OK to be sincere.

Personally, I didn’t really resolve the internal conflict until my late teenage years and since then while I have had some tensions, overall I have had a much more fulfilling life. The concept of originality is gradually becoming blurred with the overwhelming push to remain mediocre, same-as-the-gang. The world is filled with carbon copies, mixed-bag of sorts but originals are rare and do stand out nicely. So common, be you!

Here’s a story about a crab and a lobster, author unknown but acknowledged.

A crab and a lobster are secretly dating. Pretty soon, the lobster tires of the lying and tells her father, who then forbids her to see the crab anymore. “It’ll never work honey,” he says to her. “Crabs walk side-ways and we walk straight.” “Please,” she begs her father. “Just meet him once. I know you’ll like him.” Her father finally relents and agrees to a one-time meeting, and she runs off to share the good news with her crab sweetie. The crab is so excited he decides to surprise his beloved’s family. He practices and practices until he can finally walk straight!

On the BIG day, he walks the entire way to the lobster’s house as straight as he can. Standing on the porch, and seeing the crab walking towards him, the lobster dad yells to his daughter…“I knew it! Here comes that crab and he’s drunk!” – Unknown

Remember the things that really matter – Relationships!

Go ahead and enjoy God’s gift of today.


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