Dirty Dozen+

The Dirty Dozen+ Here are common relationship killers to watch out for literally. They are ‘mean’, ‘ruthless’ and heartless.
Originally planned as a dozen but the list kept growing, feel free to suggest others but don’t slack off, these are ‘bad’ dudes…give them no chance in your relationships.

  1. Apathy*
  2. Social Media Addiction
  3. Unforgiveness
  4. Anger
  5. Prayerlessness
  6. Unresolved Past
  7. Cynicism*
  8. Immaturity*
  9. Stereotypes
  10. Lack of Commitment*
  11. Poor Communication*
  12. Lack of Empathy*
  13. Poor Self Esteem
  14. Lack of Skills*
  15. Unresolved resentments*
  16. Lack of creativity*
  17. Television

Remember Relationships Do Matter.

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Some recommendations (*) provided by Gregory D.