[New Post] Do not despise the little packages

Everything starts small then grows into something big.So don’t wait for the big, rather embrace, nurture, enjoy and maximize the small.

But why? Why should you ?

Ask any woman transitioning into Motherhood and she will tell you it started as a small seed but she knows it’s going to be huge someday.
Ask the entrepreneur still crunching the numbers, even he knows it’s small and delicate now but it’s going to be great soon.
Ask the coach or mentor
Ask the pastor or teacher
Ask the parent or care provider
Ask the young lad or young girl

They know something pretty basic, it’s fair to say we all know that!
We all know that, “everything big starts small”.​So we know that;

  • A great loving marriage​, started slowly and surely.​
  • A successful business venture​, started slowly​
  • A career worthy of emulation​, probably began unceremoniously
  • A deeply rooted spiritual walk​, began slowly
  • A loyal and faithful relationship​, blossomed eventually
  • ​Great children were raised, consistently over time

But the question remains, why shouldn’t you despise the little things?

Here’s Why:

There is a tiny miracle, a promise buried deep within the little things…
You should know this truth​, ​
The ‘start’ is a pledge of completion.

A start has a guarantee of a finish.

Let me ask you about your little things: are you ​ignoring and despising them or are you ​nurturing them?
​The little things like: ​

  1. Being present and available
  2. Making time for relationships
  3. Notes and words of kindness
  4. Word of praise and encouragement
  5. The pat on the back
  6. The silent prayers
  7. The private financial support

It’s so easy to fall into the obvious trap of despising the little​ things​
because t​hey do not look great, or fancy or are not as large ​or amazing enough​.

Do not forget that the miraculous, the amazing, the awesome, the best and the blessed are often wrapped in tiny packages.
​Believe me, do not despise the tiny’ packages, the unfinished ​products because everything great starts small.

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​I can see many wonderful ‘little beginnings’.
This is our greatest year yet!