Don’t count every day of the week, make every day count.

It is a great month, a wonderful week and an exciting day to be alive. I trust you are doing very well too.
This is indeed the day the Lord has made! So rejoice and be glad in it.

Well, last week on the Relationships Do Matter Facebook page, I asked friends to help label the days of the week and their suggestions have been interesting and has turned out to be ‘mighty fun’. I recall a phrase that says, "One can not control or overcome something until one has labelled it." So this exercise is designed to help shape our perspective on the days of the week. Will you please help by either providing additional suggestions or helping confirm the choices provided below by leaving a comment below. We will conclude this fun exercise on Friday, June 7th and commence use on Monday, June 10th.
Objective: The final selections (labels) will be a critical driver in our daily conversations, questions, posts, trivia etc.

Remember, Relationships Do Matter and don’t count the days of the week rather make them count.


  1. Majestic Monday;
  2. Monogamous Monday
  3. Mutual Monday


  1. Triumphant Tuesday;
  2. Talking Tuesday
  3. Trustworthy Tuesday


  1. Worship Worthy Wednesday;
  2. Wooing Wednesday
  3. Willing Wednesday


  1. Turn-around Thursday;
  2. Tenderness Thursday
  3. Talking Thursday for communication
  4. Tantalizing Thursday


  1. Favorable Friday; Sacred Saturday; Shackle-free Sunday( bounds are broken!!)
  2. Forgiveness, fun/ friendly Friday
  3. Faithful Friday to remind us to be faithful to our spouses and God


  1. Sluggish Saturday.
  2. Sensuous Saturday


  1. Super Sunday
  2. Sensitive Sunday
  3. Spiritual Sunday

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  • Peju

    Winning Wednesday

  • buki

    Hehehehehehehe I actually like them all. Didn’t expect naming days to be this much fun and interesting. This is good!