Don’t Lean In: Do We Want Mothers to Work Part-Time? By KJ DELL’ANTONIA

I found this article interesting, what do you say to this question: Should women work part-time?
Wait, read below before you respond.

"…Pew surveyed 2,511 adults nationwide, asking questions about things like what’s important to them in a job, whether they prefer full- or part-time work, and whether it’s difficult to balance work and family. Then Pew researchers analyzed data from the American Time Usage Survey to look at not just how we want to spend our time (or how we say we want to spend our time, which could be quite different), but how we actually spend it.

Some trends hold true, yet …

"some numbers reflect a gradual shift toward equality (which needn’t mean pure equality in every household, but an overall societal balance in how fathers and mothers spend their time), one particular statistic stands out as inconsistent with that shift: 42 percent of the general public (45 percent of mothers and 41 percent of fathers) say the best thing for children is to have a mother who works part-time.

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