Don’t Quit, Keep Going

Commentary tailored specifically to #RelationshipMatters. Enjoy!

To some extent, it is becoming culturally fashionable to ‘jump ship’ when the going gets tough or rough.

Such that often married folks leave at the slight occurrence of challenges or difficulties. Might I add, "stuff" will happen yet folks must avoid the comfortable rush to discard, abandon or destroy what exists.

"Don’t quit, keep going" is an ideal advice to have even if that involves counseling etc.

And for those single (alone, separated, divorced, never coupled) it is also a wise advice to follow. Don’t Quit on Expectations and Dreams inspire of challenges. One must Continue to move forward and live.

By Continuing, I am referring to living according to deep rooted conviction, belief.

Once a person ‘locks’ into a path of purpose, my recommendation is – don’t deviate. Once you’ve determined a line of action, don’t look back.

You will be worse off changing course(s) midstream except the mandate has changed. So "Keep Going, Don’t Quit"

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