Don’t Throw IT Away #Commentary

What do you do when it no longer makes sense?

What do you do when what you’re expecting and hoped for is significantly delayed?

What do you do when your desires and dreams seem unattainable?

I wrote this article broadly yet I had singles, especially older singles in mind as I pondered.

For some singles, the struggle is real…If one is slim, yet we wonder if one would be better off bulkier or well built.

Or if one is tall, we imagine what life would be like a little shorter.

Ok maybe these ones would resonate better –

Those married sometimes envy the freedom of singleness especially those of us with children.

And certainly, for those still single, the promise of companionship in marriage can’t come soon enough.

You get the point…oftentimes what we have isn’t enough or as important as what we don’t have.

So at this crazy juncture, we ponder and wonder…

We struggle with the temptation of just throwing it all away.

We ponder whether the path is really tried and true.

I have been there…
So many of us are stil there…
Some are yet to arrive there…
And I know what you are contemplating.

Yet…I want to encourage you not to
Throw “It” Away…

To be continued.