“FACE IT, SISTER; HE DOESN’T WANT YOU!” – Sinmisola Ogunyinka

If he is not into you…what do you do? Most times I get this question after the emotions are already in overdrive.

When the day is filled with careless day dreams and when his voice, validation, demeanor is all she lives for…

This is a challenging question because emotions stirred are difficult to contain.

So how do we avoid this mess? Eliminate the spectacle ?

Here is a story of one lady who ‘fell’ but there seems to be no one to catch her…

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Tari sat upright and pasted a smile on her wide lips. Her two dimples went on display immediately. Her heartbeat increased by half, as the team leader, Timi entered the office. No, actually, he only peeped, perhaps to check on who was in and who was not. His gorgeous male cologne wafted to her nostrils and she almost closed her eyes in ecstasy. Good God, she thought, everything about him was fantastic.

“Hi,” his deep masculine voice carried to where she was and she bit her lip. Before she could find the words to reply, he snapped the door shut. The click made her jump in her seat, and she discovered she was sweating in her palms. What was wrong with her? She was always nervous around Timi. Jumpy. Stupid. Tongue-tied. Nervous. She sighed wearily; he must think she’s a jerk.

Timi had always been nice to her, and probably everyone on the team. He was hardworking, committed and a pace-setter. Ever since she got the job as an architectural assistant in a big building conglomerate, she had been enthralled by his swift and focused devotion to targeted goals. But it wasn’t until the day she needed his assistance on a shopping mall project she was handling and he’d stepped in, saving her from embarrassment in front of the whole team, did she realize what a gem he really was. Her presentation had been mistakenly miscalculated and Timi had worked all night in the office with her to make sure the clients got the right archetypal of the building when they came in the following morning. She had bought him a ‘thank you’ card and expecting nothing of it, was thrilled at the way he made a ‘big do’ about it. But she soon realized that was the person of Timi.

When Esther, the accounts assistant ran into problem with the auditors, Timi mediated, even though he was not on the accounts team. Though her jealousy knew no internal bounds, this did not diminish her admiration. If anything, it grew, and grew and grew. And then she noticed, he began to withdraw from her, and avoid her or could it be her imagination? The more she tried to get him close, the more he became cold toward her.

– Sinmi

Sinmisola Ogúnyinka is wife of the head pastor of Hermon City Church in Calabar and Abuja, and mother of four beautiful children. She holds a degree in Economics from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, and is a member of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers’ Guild. She is also host of the contemporary Bible-based TV talkshow, “Issues of Life.”Sinmi has written many books with titles like SCENT OF WATER, FRAIL FLESH, and PEPPER. She lives with her family in Abuja, Nigeria.



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