Failure doesn’t have to be the end, Hit the Restart Button.

It’s ok to hit restart. It’s ok to start again.

Sometimes when my modem starts acting up, I often hit the ‘restart’ button to clear out hung signals, dead traffic clogging my system to free up space and I am told stale traffic. This ‘singular’ act of rebooting has on many occasions been the difference between success and failure.

Failure is not Final, Hit the Restart Button.
Failure is not Final, Hit the Restart Button.

Coincidentally, I restart my phone daily as well in the morning as I bounce from one free wi-fi zone to another, it’s clear when I do because My phone is able to respond quicker and ‘faster’, I guess. I think it is important to let the phone refresh itself considering my phone doubles as my alarm clock as well.

So today, if you hung up, stuck, unable to receive fresh inspiration or in capable of relaxing and embracing a new day, I want you to willfully hit the restart button.

Yes, Hit the restart button. Clear your system of the old, stale remnants of yesterday. You know yourself…Yep, you.

Your routine has become a nightmare, hang ups, dead weights from past failures and disappointments and missed opportunities etc.

Yet, I am telling you that “Failure is not final.” You can really start again!

You can leave the past in the past and hit the restart button.

While I admit the past offers us lessons these must be used as pivotal foundational frames for the future. Life lessons I call them are developed in the dark rooms of life.

So refuse to let failure in life, career, business, ministry, relationships, marriage define you.  You can begin again!

Using the fuel of failure and the deeper understanding of your God given purpose as your launching pad for future success.

Friends, Hit the Restart button.

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