Faith and Feminism: Excerpt from ‘Talking Taboo’ examines sexual temptation.

It’s Thanksgiving Tuesday and here’s another thought provoking and insightful article from the Washington Post. This isn’t your typical, linear or easily resolved conversation or piece so if you are easily offended or disturbed by such stories stop reading now. Some, who struggle find no easy outlet because sometimes the public response seeks only to mask the issue and not necessarily fix and address appropriately. This story reaches deep, captures one’s attention, highlights tensions and forces the conversation towards GRACE. Honestly, this is a story that really amplifies the need for Grace and also reminds me of the amazing description of Jesus in Matt 12:20, "He will not crush the weakest reed or put out a flickering candle. Finally he will cause justice to be victorious."

Here are some challenges posed by the writer from her experience, true or not there are excellent starting points for a debate.

  • I am beginning to realize how little the churches of which I have been a part have taught me about the beauty of boundaries and the reality of fine lines. No one really wants to talk about the normalcy of temptation and how, if unacknowledged, it can lead to behavior that goes against what is life giving, what is of God.
  • I get it now in a way I haven’t before; how temptation can slip slowly from shiny surfaces into the sin of unfaithfulness and undisciplined desire, from things that look good and usually are good, in the beginning. But no one talks about how to keep your balance on the slippery slope. No one wants to talk about it till everyone has slid right off.
  • Then every pastor, priest, and prophet begins to preach about Eve and Delilah, biblical women culturally synonymous with the evils of temptation and the fall of men.
  • I know the whole cultural conversation around “Can men and women be friends?” is as old as can be. So many evangelical-minded Christians have such firm opinions on the issue, mostly that it’s not possible or wise. But no one really talks in a healthy, reflective way about the real point of the issue: how to deal with sexual temptation in platonic relationships between heterosexual men and women.

Read the article, here. Faith and Feminism: Excerpt from ‘Talking Taboo’ examines sexual temptation. and if you need help, do not hesitate to contact or reach out (click here).

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