Feelings Change #CountdownToValentine’sDay

Dear #Singles,
I know it’s a crazy jungle out there…
Actually, I know it’s a shark tank.

Bloody and dangerous, but I want you to know that life doesn’t run or go far on feelings. Please don’t let the beautiful pictures on social media fool you.

So let me tell you the truth, ‪#‎Feelings‬ change…those flaky emotional renegades and more so when you get closer to Valentine’s Day. I know!

FeelingsChangeRed flowers…
Red chocolates…
Red boxes….
Red, Red, Red…

You will almost feel like no one cares.
The pressures of Valentine’s day and the week could be overwhelming for some of you, singles but remember that #Feelings change…and that’s why one doesn’t let feelings rule one’s life.

Dear singles (old and young),
Please don’t let the pressure get to you such that you say yes to someone or a relationship that is obviously incompatible.

Please don’t say yes simply because your guys or girlfriends have been married for sooooo long and are preparing to send their kids to college.

Please don’t say yes simply because it’s been a while you’ve been intimate or being appreciated.

Please don’t say yes simply because you were presented with a brand new car, house, ring or iPhone or Samsung Note.

Please don’t say yes simply because you are lonely.

Please don’t say yes because your “match makers” think you two will be cute and make great babies together.

Just a few words…really – because I can honestly tell you that all that glitters is not gold. Some marriages and relationships are ‘cover-ups’…

So don’t let feelings rule!