Few Words…

Few Words… for Aurora, CO

Just like that, another evil and senseless act gains the spotlight. Changed lives, altered destinies and painful memories Just like that!
A simple reminder of humanities frailties!

Let our words be few – hear, feel the pain from families and friends in this moving tribute (Remembering Colorado’s shooting victims – CNN )

Let our words be few – recall a similar story written last month on the avoidable Dana crash titled (Grab Hope).

Let our words be few – for the journey of healing, restoration and reconciliation will require more than mere words.

Let our words be few…but our prayers ‘plenty’ that the journey of restoration, healing and reconciliation begin in earnest and swiftly in Jesus Name, Amen.

Let our words be few – please continue to pray for the victims, the families, friends and the communities for hope and strength because Relationships Do Matter.

Few words…

  • Chikaodiri okeke

    Nice work on single laides & guys becos many hve had heart broken so there dn’t belive anytin like love exist.