Free from Fear

Fear paralyzes true love.
Fear handicaps true love.
It is impossible for true love to manifest in an environment/atmosphere of fear.

So each one of us must make choices – bold choices regardless of the circumstances around you.

Today, the fear of break ups, broken hearts, pain, infidelity, adultery, selfishness and wickedness has paralyzed many. The fear of many ‘side attractions’, temptations has totally handcuffed some today but I declare BOLDLY that the hold of fear is destroyed over your lives in Jesus Name, Amen.

Fear stalls; Faith propels.
Fear robs; Faith preserves.
Change your focus!
Feed your spirit.

Get stronger, grow bolder and confident in the covenant.
Stand firm and stop answering and cowering to fear.
Your choice, your life.
Choose FAITH.

PS: Faith doesn’t deny the existence of circumstances, stats, issues, stories etc but FAITH refuses to be constrained, limited, controlled and molded by them. You are greater than these things according to your covenant rights.

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