Get Off Your Duff!!!

few comments about "Get Off Your Duff", get your copy and confirm it.You will not remain the same and you will be glad you did.
God’s blessings,PFlo

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, Senior Pastor The Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria – In Get Off Your Duff, Pastor Flo (in a rather prose-like manner)unleashes wisdom that (literally) defines the divine path to a successfullife. The book is thought provoking, revealing the subtle involvement ofGod in our everyday lives. Many problems are attributed to the lack ofwisdom. As a matter of fact, somebody said the difference between theseasons of a man’s life is defined by wisdom. Unusual in its presentation,Get Off Your Duff will challenge you and provoke you to excel in life.

Pastor Michael O. Efueye, Resident Pastor and European Director House on the Rock, The London Lighthouse, London, UK -Get Off Your Duff emanates from a heart that fervently seeks God anddesires to do His good pleasure. It is a book of uncommon wisdom thatbelies the author’s years, providing deep insight to refresh the thirsty souland sound counsel that will serve as a lamp to the seeker’s feet. So get offyour duff, get a copy and start the journey towards fulfillment andblessings.

Pastor Tola Odutola, Senior Pastor,Redeemed Christian Church of God, Jesus House Parish,Baltimore, MD – I have known the author, Flo Falayi, for more than two decades and I canattest to his lifestyle, example and guidance. Pastor Flo Falayi is a candidand refreshing voice to this generation with an insatiable passion aboutmaking Christianity relevant. His new book, Get Off Your Duff, willgreatly bless everyone.

Now, Get Off Your Duff!!!

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