Wishing you all a Happy New Year’s Eve!
You have been an inspiration, an encouragement, a miracle and much more in 2012.
Thank you reading, following and interacting with us in 2012. You are greatly appreciated.

Special, Fortunate, Fun, Insightful, Challenging and Fulfilling are some of the words that capture what we’ve accomplished in 2012. Without you, the loop would have been incomplete and at best we would have remained mediocre in our relationships (professional, emotional, spiritual etc).

Do yourself a favor, let the past be and actually keep 2012 in 2012.
Drama, disappointments, failures, shame, heartbreaks, calamities, doubts, low esteems, impossibles….

Start 2013 clean, engaged, locked in…
I want to challenge you to prepare for a deeper experience and encounter in 2013.
I want to charge you to get ready for more than the ‘status quo’ in 2013.
Give yourself permission to learn, grow, discover, develop, apply and utilize the truths, counsel, instructions, examples and much more coming in 2013.

In 2013, we are going for bolder, bigger and better. So help us, God!
"Fulfilled" individuals living and maximizing their gifts, abilities and invariably their destinies. "Fulfilled" individuals loving themselves and others as they would themselves.
Vibrant relationships (emotional and professional) – growing, impacting, empowering.

Here at, "Relationships Do Matter", we have made that commitment…3Bs, no excuses!
Here’s to a BOLDER, BIGGER & BETTER 2013.