Go find some darkness…

Light lit in light is useless.
If you have light you should find some darkness.

Do you know that illumination’s greatest expression is discovered in darkness. Precious ornaments are displayed beneath darker surfaces to maximize their value.

So let your light shine…no one cares how much you know but definitely care how much you love. We must have passion for our communities as untold joy is experienced when you open your hearts and give you invariably start the movement of grace and favor towards others in need funny how in time you find grace in your time of need.

This month join us in reaching out to our community in the Chicago land area.

The Riverbank’s FOCUS is on the ‘Battered Women’s Shelter’
Urban Family And Community Centers
4241 W Washington Blvd
Chicago, IL – 60624

Join us as we collect Women and children’s gently used clothing, books and toys. Items will be received weekly on Sundays or can be picked up if you call the church office.

This is an opportunity to play a little role in changing and addressing the ailments in our society today. As light, we must shine the light of compassion and hope to many who are either alone, lonely, disappointed, tired, frail or frustrated. I am extremely confident we will come to understand what God’s passion for humanity and I pray that burden engulfs us anew daily.

Please forward to others who might be interested and I pray for over whelming grace to you and yours in this new month in Jesus Name, Amen.


  • Olufemi Famuyide

    Splendid! scintillating!! heavenly!!! profound … the darker the darkness, the BRIGHTER the LIGHT

  • chioma

    love for urself,community,ur fellow mankind supercedes all.we’ll let it shine tru.