GOD TV’s Wendy Alec says husband Rory has left her for another woman…

Such a sad story…
I am of the opinion that "exits" (regardless of how challenging or tough) they might be…can and should be handled decently and properly. Simply absconding is wrong, callous and irresponsible to family, friends, children etc.

Additionally, if someone says a partner in another relationship especially marriage is theirs when such individuals are still married to someone else is wrong.

Earlier today, GOD TV’s Wendy Alec says husband Rory has left her for another woman, no longer wishes to be part of ministry…"

Here’s the story of GOD TV’s founders’ marital collapse, this isn’t the end of it though…please keep them in your prayers.

"GOD TV co-founder Wendy Alec has made an emotional live broadcast today in which she disclosed that her husband and ministry partner of over 20 years, Rory Alec, has left her for another woman.

Her comments on Oct. 8 were made after the TV channel confirmed last week that Rory would be stepping aside as chairman and chief executive with immediate effect following an undisclosed "moral failure".

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  • buki

    This is so disheartening. .. what’s happening to God’s people??
    Do these people know something we don’t? .just heard about the Oyahkilomes too. So frightening!

    • Fear Not! Extract the lessons from these stories and continue to contend for yours…
      No one can ‘take’ the pedal off…in marriage or relationships.