Grading a Blogger’s Resolutions (Reblog)

Grading a Blogger’s Resolutions


Do writers keep the resolutions they write about?

Personally, I am not particularly a huge fan of resolutions but I appreciate the intent and effort many put into accomplishing their goals. Whatever works for you is fine by me…as long as we achieve our goals of 3B’s – BOLDER, BIGGER and BETTER.

Here’s a blogger’s opinion about the resolutions and her grade. Work what works for you this year…Wishing you and yours a fulfilling New Year.

"My final resolution last year was to “enjoy it.” Here’s what I wrote: In 2012, I’m going to ‘be here now.’ I’m going to take a deep breath when we run crazy late for hockey practice and remember that it’s not the destination that matters but the way we make the trip — which won’t take any more time if I do it without slamming doors or even speeding down the driveway.

If I’m honest, most of the time, I still won’t take that deep breath. I’ll still get too frustrated with the child whose willful refusal to put her boots on (combined with my refusal to leave a child that young at home alone) created the late departure and all the tension that came with it. But in 2012, again, I’ll try. I’ll try to laugh at the spilled milk and the torn coat and the marker that went right through the paper onto the table or at the very least, not let those little things color a whole afternoon."

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