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Hello All:

It’s official, within the past year we’ve witnessed a radical shift among the ‘ready’ Singles at The Riverbank. It’s amazing as most of our Singles are in solid, defined relationships e.g. Courtship, engaged, married and my ‘new’ problem is getting ‘new’ singles to replace those who have transitioned into the next phase. So if you have any friends in Chicago, tell them something unique has begun and they might as well check it out. Indeed, a testament to God’s Grace upon my life and ministry.

For some, when it’s time to discuss relationships, their focus is solely on prayers or wishes and daydreaming about the wedding without discovering, deciphering and realistically preparing or learning about the practical, sometimes pragmatic skills required for a successful relationship and or marriage. Some assume ‘good’ things will just happen…well I know Grace is freely given, yet increases by knowledge and study. It’s time to go beyond wishes and dreams, learn, discover and maximize!!!

One Huge Step:
Specifically for mature singles, (those who are ready and interested in getting married within 1 year)
I will be teaching, mentoring, coaching and preparing mature singles for marriage. This is a 4 week ONLINE workshop, additional details will be provided upon registration.

You must know these truths:

  1. You need to do more than just praying, you need faith inducing and demonstrating actions.
  2. You need coaching and guidance if you desire a Godly, Successful and Vibrant Marriage.
  3. You must know that being in love is not an adequate foundation for building a successful marriage.
  4. You must know that the romantic love has two stages.
  5. You must know 7 popular relationships myth masquerading as Truth.
  6. You must know and apply Godly wisdom in identifying and selecting a mate.
  7. You must know the critical biblical constructs upon which successful marriages are based.
  8. You must know that mutual sexual fulfillment is not automatic.
  9. You must know the components of a Godly Man or Woman.
  10. You must know how to decipher and live out God‘s will in Relationships.

This is not another workshop but an interactive and intensive system. You must be prepared to do your part of the bargain.
If you are ready, sign up here and more information will be provided thereafter.

Remember Relationships Do Matter.
Pst Flo

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