Hope Alive

Don’t Lose Hope…but honestly sound the alarm; there is work to do.

Trends continue to show an increasing dearth of information with regards Relationships, daily we are overwhelmed with relationship updates with little support and assistance on what and how to enjoy successful relationships. So it’s no surprise then that there’s increased unsuccessful and unfulfilled relationships alll around us today, unfortunately the church is not spared.

Singles live in a fish bowl of sorts you know, they are expected to live right but not taught right. To understand this phenomenon further, peel back the layers and discover the depth of the decay. The shockingly complicated web of ignorance, pride, shame, pain, unrelenting and sometimes unrealistic parental expectations, peer pressures, societal and community dictates laced with the complexities of living in a progressive culture, it is no surprise then why many give up.

Dear friends, I have good news, wait up this recipe must not end this way. This disaster in my humble opinion is really an opportunity for GOOD, yep as in God’s master plan. This is an opportunity we must embrace to learn, be taught and discover the truth about relationships. This premise assumes nothing. We must ask questions and in asking, find answers that last.

Do we really understand what it means to be Single? Do we know what it means to be single ? Are you single and whole ? Are you full of light ?

The bible says in Luke 11:34; “The light of the body is the eye: therefore when your eye is single, your whole body also is full of light; but when your eye is evil, your body also is full of darkness.” American King James Version;

Listen up, If thine eye be single, your body will be full of light. Is your body full of light ? Is your community enjoying the brightness of its light ? Or is it merely a daily struggle ?

As I observe events and relationships, here are some facts:

1.Many singles do not enjoy being single or perhaps more aptly put do not know how to enjoy being single and that unfortunately leads to negative impact in subsequent relationships; in marriage, professional and business relationships.
2.There is a lack of a comprehensive, methodical and focused approach to singles in today’s community.
3.I really believe that ‘Single and fulfilled’ is a sparsely populated state and only a few ever find this nirvana.
4.The secret to a happy relationship is not only in finding the right one but in being the right one too.

So we will turn on the light together and eliminate the darkness one ‘flashlight’ at a time. We can do it, so help us God.

Peace & ♥ pFlo

// Random Thoughts from my ‘about-to-be-published’ book on Relationships PS: Feel free to express yourself, I look forward to hearing from you.