How do you forgive a sexual abuser? True Story (Reblog)

Some stories hurt…Some literally break your heart.
This one hurts bad.

I am still angry…Dear Lord forgive me for this anger in my soul, Amen.

My heart bleeds … for all including others who are still trying to ‘move forward’; too terrified to speak up, afraid of the stigma, worried about society’s label, reaction and opinion.

We understand your hesitation, you’ve tried and we were too busy living our lives. Don’t give up please because there’s help available, and healing possible….

Here’s an excerpt from Mary’s letter:

"Dear Boys Of The Last Name That Roils My Insides,

I am still angry.
What you did. Oh, what you did. Your choices dug scars the size of channels in my soul.
You stole me.
My innocence.
My wide-eyed trust.
My valiant view of life.
My bravery. All kidnapped. In the aftermath of the sexual abuse, I hollowed. I believed lies about myself.

I am unworthy of being protected.
My self-worth = my sexuality, but in the most warped way.

Did you think of these things while you satisfied your base desires? Did you realize you’d destroy a little girl’s kindergarten life?
Had you no shame to violate a five-year-old girl for your pleasure?

You had so much bravery in your sin, violating me while your mom cooked. No fear. And yet, your actions made me run scared most of my life, always looking around corners, running, running, running afraid a villain would grab me."

Mary’s story shines a bright light on the hope and healing in Jesus Christ. Forgiveness is possible.
Forgiveness is attainable.
It’s feasible by GRACE.

Read the rest of the story here:

Remember Relationships Do Matter.